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My favourite time of year…

OK, first of all, I love and appreciate Grammerly for its really useful features that save me from the grammar fairy.. BUT darn it stop trying to auto-correct to American English.. there is a u in favourite for me! 🙂 all that grammar aside, this really is my favourite time of year.. winter to be […]

I solemnly swear..

..I bought these months ago… Ok, so it’s black Friday.. and I genuinely told myself I did not need to go buy myself anything this year however, that did not last long as I went straight to Lelutka to buy the Hallie head and another. And yes… yes those are Christmas decorations. It was decided […]

When we are thankful..

Ok, first of all, I am not American, in theory, this holiday should apply to me in the smallest sense. However, some of my family is, and there is one thing they have taught me this year more than most for some reason… how to be thankful. Thankful for those things we take for granted, […]

How does it feel?

Gave you everything and moreIt ain’t enoughLooking hella foolish cause I was fool for youToo longAnd INever thought we would end hereAnd IWish I could take back those years Must enjoy itSeeing me die before youDriving the knife inside How does it feelTo break my heartHow do you feel Keep tearing me apartHow do you […]


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I’m Addy, and welcome to the blog. Named after my two favourite things to consume on a saturday morning! I am married, with two children and decided in April 2021 to take my love of photography in SL, shopping addiction and creative thoughts to combine them into what is now this site. Some amazing sponsors are coming on board too that I can’t wait to work with! So, welcome to my side of the grid.

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