You better watch out

You better not cryYou better not poutI’m telling you whySanta Claus is coming to town YES! It’s another Christmas picture.. and who would have thought I would get so excited over these amazing little mandarins from Sorumin! .. but I did.. I have issues I know. So lets go through the little details. Firstly theContinue reading “You better watch out”

My favourite time of year…

OK, first of all, I love and appreciate Grammerly for its really useful features that save me from the grammar fairy.. BUT darn it stop trying to auto-correct to American English.. there is a u in favourite for me! 🙂 all that grammar aside, this really is my favourite time of year.. winter to beContinue reading “My favourite time of year…”

Drive …

I don’t wanna roll with it no more.. let go control of it….let me call you over to numb the pain… Beautyâ™”Doux Hair Bellami @Equal10 Fashionâ™”David Heather: Mode Eyeglasses @Collabor88The mode eyeglasses come in black, gold, & silver – Link to Flickr â™”Tres Blah: Ella Slacks (Plaid) @Mainstore â™”Tetra: Neva Turtleneck Sweater @Mainstore accessoriesâ™”Movement Store:Continue reading “Drive …”


If you were all mineAnd we had all night Featuring on me:â™” Shorts: Dead Doll Aileen Shorts for Anthem November round 3rd – 30th (Fits: Maitreya – Legacy – eBody Reborn)â™” Pose: Ana Poses Portrait of London @Mainstoreâ™” Sweater: Tetra Dina Turtleneck Knit sweater @Mainstoreâ™” Hair: Doux Bellami @Equal10 (November round) â™” Location: Otter LakeContinue reading “allmine”

I wanna be closer to you …

Here is the deepest secret nobody knowshere is the root of the root and the bud of the budand the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which growshigher than soul can hope or mind can hideand this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart I carry your heart …… I carryContinue reading “I wanna be closer to you …”

When its cold and miserable..

and only a coffee with peek your mood.. I seem to go against the grain for an English person as I choose coffee over tea.. ok well not quite so true. There are moments I decide to take herbal teas and I am a sucker for Whittards tea, especially when I m fasting. However.. IContinue reading “When its cold and miserable..”

Kiss my ..

Tell me about how you want me backBaby, you can kiss my ok queue excitement time, its officially October and I can get away with the numerous autumn pictures! First point, this new stunning set from Tetra on their popular blossom set has been updated to a celestial version AND if that wasn’t enough, itsContinue reading “Kiss my ..”

Her name was Grace…

The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfilment of that hope never entirely removes. ~ Thomas Hardy Featuring:â™” Pose: West End Lodestone I Static Pose set @Uber â™” Dress: Salt & Pepper Willow dress @Salem 1st -30th Octoberâ™” Location: Deer River Taxiâ™” Hair: Doux Venezia @Mainstore Further Information: Salt &Continue reading “Her name was Grace…”

fall moments

I really wanted to say “fall is coming..” but it sounded too games of thrones.. But a morning in sweaters.. tights… and pumpkin spiced lattes at Burrow is a morning well spent. Featuring:â™” Outfit: NEW Sorumin Hall Fall outfit @Anthemâ™” Donut: NEW Hangry panda donut @Kustom9â™” Coffee: MVT Coffee (previous gacha at the store)â™” Hair:Continue reading “fall moments”