Moments …

Moments …

…We do not remember days but rather the moments…

I would love to write more, I had all intentions to, building on the post and photos I have spent time editing on.. but today I lost someone very dear in the blink of an eye. And for some reason, the simple title and quote seem more fitting than the spiel I was going to write..

So from me.. cherish these moments, cherish those around you. The call you missed and promised you would return, do it.. the person you promised coffee with, meet them.. the friend that called you for a chat and you didn’t have time, make it.. for life is so short and precious.


♔ Pose: NEW West End Poses Simple @Uber (25th May)

♔ Outfit: NEW Aleutia Sassy Bikini and Top @Fameshed (10th June)

♔ Location: Taken on site @Krak Bak Kaye

m o r n i n g a n t i c s

m o r n i n g     a n t i c s

This week,.. has been exhusting, life changing and exciting for multiple reasons! I am not one for airing things publicly, it’s just not me.

That being said, one of the things this week.. I have handed my notice in from my current role: As exciting as this was and crucial to mental health support in the UK and US, the time has come for me to move on. My stress levels in the last 4 months have made a negative impact on my health and an amazing opportunity presented itself over the weekend that I could not offord to turn down. So.. scarily making the move over the next few months and saying goodbye to an amazing company and team .

Since handing my notice in I have felt the drop in stress, the weight off my back and I noticed that silly things like being online from 7am most mornings and up until 10pm.. trying to complete huge public facing projects and making sure that during this crucual time with COVID and the impact this has on mental health, I am available for core meetings.

This morning, I made the decison to actually not log on at 7am but rather the 9am start I should be adhering to. I got to actually get breakfast with my husband and children, spending time with my them before we did the school run, talking and laughing and actually managed to shower and put make up on BEFORE my working day rather than grabbing 30 mins between meetings. Even the dog seemed to be shocked that I was out of my office for the time. Even more so, I was able to catch up on supporting my friends here either catching up or supporting thier blogging. It highlighted to me the fact that I was so commited to an amazing cause that I let it screw with my work – life balance and regardless of good causes, we need balance… .

I spent some time looking for key messages regarding this and found a great few suggestions from AAPS*.

KNOW what you want in work/life balance

DESIGNATE a “working late” day

Put the phone/laptop down and BE PRESENT when it’s time

RELAX to help “turn off”

Schedule things that make you HAPPY

MAKE-TIME for a post work transition period

TALK with a non-family member about your work stress

FOCUS on activities you value most

I have had a reset moment, putting things back into perspective … and for once, enjoyed my morning antics. Look after each other, look after yourselves.. xoxox


♔ Pose: NEW Lyrium Lyrium. Get Glam – Make-Up Set (also includes the make up on the bed and in pose!) @Equal10

♔ Hair: Stealthic Mayhem @Mainstore

♔ Outfit: Sorumin Good Morning Set @Mainstore

♔ Background Pieces: From Apple Fall / Dust Bunny / Rezz Room

*AAPS – American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

m e l o n s

m e l o n s

Ok, I couldnt resist using this title, I mean, there are melons there! I dont post much of our actual lives on here but with this, well, lets say a certain ☀️ friend told be to … ignore… the haters. So here we go.. this is us part two. Many people live their SL lives in lots of ways, this is ours and we have been wanting to do some sort of photo for our friends and family before they kill us. We aren’t boring serious people, we laugh a lot and anyone who knows Fletch knows that this photo is him, 100000%. The moody models shots aren’t who we are, this is.. on the beach 🏝 at home..waiting for the BBQ 🍗 and basically messing around. So.. melons 🍉 .. coming 2021…


Bikini: Nartive Urban – Tove Low @Mainstore

Hair: Doux – Katy @Mainstore

Pose: Extra – Summer Expectations @Mainstore

Shorts on Fletcher: Cubura Raven Swim shorts @Mainstore

Outside Dining: ~Bazar~ Sunset Dining Set @uber (April Round)

Pergola: Figure 8 Vineyard Pergola and chandelier @FamshedX

t h i s i s u s

t h i s   i s u s

“Spend your time on those and with those who love you unconditionally. Don’t waste it on those who only love you when the conditions are right for them”

this is us… this is my person… this is the man who truly lives life… who balances me, who protects me. Who doesn’t play games, where we know our pasts and choose to make each other our future. Where we say ‘I love you’ not out of habit or ritual or because its expected, but because we remind each other that we are in each other lives. We don’t succumb to pride or awkwardness but a relationship built on honesty and trust and more importantly, born from friendship first. We have laughed, cried and everything in between, this is him, this is me, this is us, this is now.


♔ Pose: 

Ana Poses It’s now @Man Cave

♔ Outfit: 

Cynful Amour Babydoll @Mainstore

Doux Chill @Level

m o o s e h e a d l a k e

m o o s e h e a d l a k e

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest – It’s about who walked into your life, said ‘I’m here for you’ and proved it”

I finally grabbed this amazing lady for a photo because let’s face it, time runs away with us in SL! And we all have time to message randomly but to actually spend some time doing a photo with our hectic schedules is crazy hard to plan but we did it!! and what’s more, we both got to collab on these amazing outfits from Apple Blossom.. and eat donuts 🍩 … and go barefoot on a sunday morning! It is also great to support my amazing friend 🌻 which we need to do in this world.. girls supporting each other, Queens’ 👑 supporting each other in love and grace.

Where do I begin to talk about this woman. She is the most kind hearted, gunine and infectious person I know. It doesnt matter the day you have had or week, one minute with her and you feel at peace, you feel her zest for life and above all, no matter how busy she is on some of her amazing projects, she ALWAYS has time to be there for you. We may not speak every day (ok maybe we do) but when do speak I must have the biggest smile on my face. She also has one of the best sense of humours I know not to mention I have fashion envy from her great style!

So to this lady, who has given me so much and never asked for anything in return, who has ALWAYS been there for me.. thank you.. for being exactly who you are. Never change… 💛


♔ Pose: 

Focus Poses NEW Friends 196 @Access

♔ Outfit: 

Apple Blossom NEW (on both) Eva @Uber

Doux (Addy) Amaya @Mainstore

Stealthic (Sol) Brink @Mainstore

♔ Decor: 

Focus Poses Do not worry be happy (Donuts and Drinks) @Access (on Featured photo)

Hive Bunny and phone right hand hold @Kustom9 (second Photo)

c o f f e e m o r n i n g s

c o f f e e   m o r n i n g s

(noun) (Sol-sis-ters)

“people who come into your life and change everything, they cheer you up when you are down, laugh with you until your stomach hurts and always make you feel at home, no matter the distance…”

Some morning you just need girly time, where you speak for hours about anything without condemnation, no judgement from each other but still held accountable. In this crazy world right now time slip away too easily and before long weeks can pass without these important coffee mornings but then they come, you slip into the conversation as if time stopped at the end of your last meet. But we are, on a Tuesday morning while the English weather decides whether it will rain or shine, putting the worlds to right.


♔ Poses: Amitie Fall in the city Gacha Pose 6

♔ Background buildings: Various Minimal Buildings including phone box

♔ Avatars: The Dress Maker Mainstore

♔ Addy: Jeans from Rouly (Bad Baby 90’s ripped jeans)

♔ Addy: Top from Fleur (Naomi Shirt)

♔ Addy: Hair from Doux (Silent Hair)

♔ Addy: Trainers from Native Urban (Dharma Sneakers)

♔ Alex: Outfit from Blueberry (Bunny)

♔ Alex: Shoes semller worn canvas low tops

♔ Alex: Hair from SINTIKLIA – titania

s l o w e r

s l o w e r

I heard this song today and it resonated with me. There are times I am too quiet, too conscious on not feeding fires, on not lowering myself to the drama and the negativity people seem to revel in at times. But there are times I also don’t say anything because I don’t like to upset the stars quo in a relationship even if it’s things I need, want or desire. I try to play it cool, to act like everything is ok and grand, afraid of the response, of forcing someone to do something they don’t want to. I don’t like who I am when I feel like that, I know I hide, I know I bury myself in fake smiles and politeness and that’s not fair to anyone. One day I will be brave, and one day I will be able to say what I can’t say to you..

Playing cool makes me lose my mind
I can’t be someone I don’t recognize
I’m not the type to have to say it twice
Or wait for you ’til the end of the night
I’ve been falling fast and you don’t seem to move
But is it worse for me, If I tell the truth?
And are you just a poison that I shouldn’t use?
Wish I could say to you…What I can’t say to you


♔ Poses: Ana Poses  Puvirnutuq

I t ‘ s a c a b a r e t

I t ‘ s  a  c a b a r e t

Put on a show, get on the floor

There are times you are hanging with friends and all of a sudden you burst into laughter with an idea that only matters to you guys. This was one of those of times, you had to be there, clearly! Then you being to rope people into the idea blindly and trying to explain the concept makes you sound like a mad woman!

But fundamentally, its about laughter, its friendship… it’s not making sense to the person next to you and having that knowing smile. So thank you to the friends who graciously give their time when I get a crazy idea. So suit up, put on a show and get on the floor.


♔ Poses: Ana Poses  Strasbourg & Chemnitz 

♔ Hair: Stealthic Mayhem

♔ Outfit: Zenith BlackPink Corset 

♔ Backdrop: Foxcity Lobby (open with lights)

b u i l d u p d o n t p u l l d o w n

b u i l d u p d o n t p u l l d o w n

Too often, in any world we are too quick to pull others down. Maybe because we are different, they don’t understand our world, our troubles, our journey…who we are because of our past or where we want to go. Jealously rages, insecurity speaks its dirty whispers in our ears…or the horrible silent competition courtesy of the “Jones’s” and keeping up with them. 

Although this challenge was for women, I feel the same pressures fall to men too, to everyone. Stop tearing people down, stop judging them, stop assuming you know them or their intentions. Instead let’s build up, lets learn people, lets practice compassion and true friendship or at the very least respect their choices…I mean unless they are serial killer or like Turkish delight! 

‘No one has ever made themselves great by making others small’

Ads xoxox


♔ Pose: Space Cadet – Fresh hot tea

♔ Hair: Doux – Amaya 

♔ Outfit: Osmia – Anna Lace Body

♔ Build: Scarlet Creative – Ana Loft

♔ Phone: Sweet Art poses – Cute Phone