Good without …

Good without …

You nearly gave me a heart attack
When you said you’re doin’ well
Is it obvious you’re all I had?
And the last year’s been like hell
Guess I’m lonely thinkin’ that you ain’t moved on
And I’m sorry if I’m comin’ off too strong

Never thought I’d see the shape of pain
Standin’ in the front porch light
Is it obvious I’m not okay?
Never meant to start a fight
Guess I’m just a moment livin’ in your past
But I never thought you’d forget me so fast

‘Cause I’m starin’ at all these photographs
I guess the good things ain’t meant to last
I gave you forever, you gave a month
I’ve never fallen for anyone
And now I’m looking at the ceilin’
Wonderin’ just what you’re feelin’ now

If that’s what love’s about
Then I’m so good without


♔ Pose: NEW Lyrium Kelly Pose 3 (static pose set) @Access (June 12th – July 8th)

♔ Dress: NEW Sorumin Simona Dress @Equal10 (June 10th)

♔ Sneakers: Native Urban Dharma @Mainstore

♔ Socks: Toksik Amai Socks @Mainstore

♔ Hair: Doux Sixty Nine @Mainstore

♔ Background: Minimal Fountain Scene @Mainstore

Bluebells …

Bluebells …

Being in England, there is one flower I absolutely adore, the Bluebell. Most of my childhood was spent playing in a bluebell carpeted forest that sat across our garden and I can remember the tree swing that I would play on so vividly. Despite all this, it wasn’t until recently I discovered these flowers are actually protected, and you can’t take wild bluebells from the ground. (fret not, this has not happened thank goodness, no breaking laws here!). So while I pondered about how best to showcase this NEW lovely cute summer set from Sorumin, I was also hunting for bluebells for our sim in SL. Well I found the perfect set, sadly doesn’t look like I can purchase them just yet but I will going back and checking.. but for now.. I stole a short 5 mins in their sim to truly show off these beautiful flowers, amazing outfit or of course my swoon product, the NEW Lyrium pose set for Anthem (yay I hear you say!).

1) Over half the world’s populations of these iconic wildflowers grow in the UK.

2) Bluebells are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. If you dig up a wild bluebell you can be heavily fined.

3) Ants help to spread bluebell seeds, so if you live near a bluebell wood you may find them popping up in your garden.

4) It takes several years for a native bluebell seed to grow into a bulb & subsequently flower.

5) Bees enjoy bluebell’s pollen & nectar. Sometimes they ‘steal’ it by biting a hole in the top of the flower.

6) The chequered skipper butterfly also nectars on bluebells, as do several moth species.

7) Folklore used to tell that bluebells ring at daybreak to call fairies to the woods.

8) Bluebell bulbs contain a starch that in Elizabethan times was used to stiffen ruffs.

9) Gum from the roots was used to glue feathers to arrows & in bookbinding.

10) Bluebell juice was said to cure snake bites, but is chemically very potent & can be toxic in large doses.


♔ Pose: Lyrium Kah Static & Breathing + Fingers Series @Access June 12th – June 8th (side note – I am using the static pose in the set simply for the ease of taking a photo in case I need to layer and edit but! the fun thing with these from Lyrium is you can add in the breathing ones to your AO! so its almost two uses in one. Have fun!)

♔ Dress: Sorumin Pretty Summer Set @Anthem (June Round)

♔ Hair: Doux Peaches @Mainstore

♔ Location: Taken onsite at the Konoha sim/shop